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Subicom is a dynamic and exciting technology company founded in 1998 by a former Microsoft executive who after performing a expatriate contract in the Philippines realized the potential for developing leading edge technology solutions in the Philippines.

Subicom was originally founded in the Philippines as Prime Communications and is a Australian owned company involved originally in technology solutions for the telecommunications industry with delivery of private network fax services which led to Subicom being the first company to legally deliver VoIP services in the Philippines through its internally developed switch technology. Subicom developed advanced IP switch technology that allowed wholesale customers to select their own routing and pricing which was a revolutionary advancement in the Telecommunications industry.

Reorganizing in 2006 as a Tax and Duty Free company in the Subic Bay Freeport Zone gave the company an opportunity to re-brand with a more unique name of Subicom Inc.


From its inception Subicom has always developed technologically advanced products and services mostly based around IP (Internet Protocol) technology and has in recent years focused on cloud based solutions. Accessing applications over the internet has been around for a while but when the information technology industry provided the marketing term "Cloud" it made the description of Subicoms products and services easier. Apple, IBM, Dell, Accenture and other global IT companies have heralded Cloud technology as the future of computing technology and Subicom is at the forefront of that global technological advancement.


Subicom is modern workplace environment when fun and creativity is encouraged, achievement and performance is rewarded. Our policy is to hire exceptional self motivated staff who excel at what they do and then support them to get the job done. Staff at Subicom feel the family environment from the relaxed work hours to the free food days, Subicom is an exciting challenging and happy workplace.

Skill and education is important but attitude is EVERYTHING!

Do you have what it takes to work for the best company in town then contact us or see our careers section.
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