Outsource Contact Center

High Efficiency Reservation Center Outsourcing

One of the largest complaints about hotels is the difficulty experienced by the guest in communicating with the hotel or resort prior to their visit. Unfortunately for the hotel, the lost revenues related to communication is not quantifiable as the hotel is typically unaware of the bookings that were lost and can't track the process.

The cost and difficulty in operating a professional reservations center has put it out of reach to many hotels who typically relegate the reservation office duties to front desk staff who feel handling guest requests as a distraction from their primary job function.

In order to overcome these problems and help grow hotel revenues we provide an outsource reservations service that greatly improves the guests experience and increases the level of successful bookings. The outsource reservation center can be stand alone representation for the hotel or an addition to your the hotels reservations or tour desk staff.

Our contact center agents are highly trained and meet exacting performance criteria to serve clients and can be contacted through hundreds of websites, blogs and travel articles as well as your own website. Whether in contact by phone, email or live chat the callers experience its that of dealing with a highly trained and dedicated reservations center like that found within a 5 star hotel.

How Much Does it Cost?

Amazingly, the outsource reservation center may cost you nothing!
For Hotels or Resorts that are using our Occupancy Plus Property Management System or Xtranet Plus Channel Management System and have their official website connected to this system and managed by us we provide this service for free.

Free? How Can That Be?

Our Outsource Reservation Center is so successful that we can be totally confident that the hotels revenue will be increased through the use of this services and as Occupancy Plus and Xtranet Plus are performance based services we only make money when you do, making our outsourced Reservations Center another WIN-WIN from Subicom!

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