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When the United States Military abandoned and withdrew from the Subic Bay Naval Base in the Philippines it left behind thousands of US Navy personnel, both in the form of servicemen who had established families in the area and civilian employees who had spent years faithfully service the United States of America. Unfortunately in the wake of the US pullout these people were mostly flung into poverty and despair. Many started small businesses and failed those lucky enough to receive a military pension had something, but not enough.

Subicom management realized that by connecting these military veterans with internet sales was not only a competitive opportunity but gave these highly skilled and dedicated people another chance to use the skills given to them by the US Military to make a new life.

For example, sewers who once made military uniforms hand make the most sort after biker patches online. These products are mostly made by machines almost everywhere in the world, but our products are still hand made by master craftsmen, these products have a soul. Occasionally a customer see's that we are "offshore" thinking that we are some sweat shop in Asia, but when we explain our story they appreciate what we do even more.
Patch House

Every item we offer has been manufactured by craftsmen who have served in US military bases whether in the United States or overseas. Our Customers believe in upholding the tradition of purchasing , AMERICAN QUALITY Products, and because every craftsman in our company has served the US military they have been trained and coached for absolute perfection.
Plaque House provides the widest range of Custom Plaques,Hand Crafted Wall Plaques, Military and Police plaques, other high quality plaques and insignias. Every plaque made from is hand carved and hand painted with intricate care on high quality mahogany wood. We carry a wide variety of military plaques from the Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, the Army and the Navy. We also offer variety of other plaques for office, company and others..
Cycle Patch makes the highest quality HAND MADE patches for bikers, motorcycle clubs and motorcycle enthusiasts in small or large qualities. CyclePatch biker patches, motorcycle patches, custom patches are NOT mass produced or printed by computer like some sites offer, each and every patch is precisely hand sewn by master craftsmen with years of experience. At CyclePatch we believe that every biker patches are not just accessories, although they are originally made to make representation of a certain club/group, patches nowadays show the type of character and personality that bikers have.
Richmond Cues

Richmond Cues are the finest quality hand crafted cues. Every cue is meticulously designed and hand crafted under the direct supervision of the original "Richmond" family. The use of fine woods and exotic materials are also key to Richmond's market leading position. Richmond cues will never be mass produced; they are a craftsman tradition that has been handed down for over eighty years. This sort of quality cannot be compromised, Richmond customers expect the best and that's what we deliver them. Over the years some other cues have tried to imitate the Richmond style that's why Richmond cues carry a serial number and certificate of authenticity to ensure that Richmond customers get the finest Richmond quality.
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